Daily cleaning

Body - Head - Ear

  • Clean your piercing every morning and every evening the first month, then clean less often but never stop completely to clean. Use a clean Q-Tip/cotton pin soaked with a mild cleaning product (we recommend saltwater / saline solution /Natriumklorid 9mg) and carefully remove the crust and other pus from the piercing area and jewelry. Clean and soak the jewelry bar/ring and ball, then move the jewelry so the piercing hole gets cleaned inside. Do this on both sides. After the first month we recomend you continue cleaning the piercing area and jewelry in the shower, with a non perfumed shower soap (pH 5.5) 1-2 times a week forever. This will prevent any problems later.

Recomended cleaning products (NEVER use klorhexidin or pyrisept!) :

  • NeilMed Piercing Aftercare, Fine mist (saltwater spray, Safari Bodyart Studio)
  • Natriumklorid 9mg. (250 ml., Apotek)
  • Drop-it (kapslet saltvann, Apotek)
  • Prontolind antibakteriell spray (Safari Bodyart Studio AS)
  • Warm saline solution (see recipe)
  • After 1 month: mild soap in shower: baby soap, Dr.Greve 5.5ph, etc. Avoid soaps with dyes, fragrances, or triclosan


  • Bleeding may occur after you leave the studio. Get in touch if it does not decrease.

  • Everything that touches the piercing area MUST be clean during the healing time (hair, clothes, bedding, hat, etc.).

  • Avoid make-up & other perfumed products around the piercing area during the healing time, it can create irritation and infection.

  • Do not touch the jewelry, leave it still, and do not take it out during the entire healing period (Do not change the piercing jewelry until 2-3 month have passed).

  • If you are unsure about anything, please call/chat/email us, or you are welcome back for a follow-up check (free of charge).

  • We recoment a follow-up check after the first month (free of charge).

Dayli cleaning

Tongue – Lip - Cheek - Smiley (inside mouth)

  • Rinse with antiseptic mouthwash for 30-60 seconds twice daily (and after every meal) for 3-4 weeks. Good oral hygiene is recommended during the healing time; drink cold water after every meal, brush teeth & gently tongue morning & evening. We recomend you change to shorter jewelry after 4-6 weeks. Outside (lip, cheek) we recomend you clean with a q-tip/cotton pin soaked with Saltwater / saline solution.

Recomended cleaning products (NEVER use klorhexidin or pyrisept!) :

  • Perfect Aftercare Antiseptic Mouthwash (Safari Bodyart Studio AS)
  • Saline solution (Natriumklorid 9mg., 250 ml, apotek)
  • Listerine Zero (Apotek)


  • Bleeding may occur after you leave the studio. Get in touch if it does not decrease.
  • Cool your mouth with cold water the first day to keep the swelling down.

  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, snus, spicy foods, hot drinks, nail biting and oral contact during the healing time (specially the first 1-2 weeks).

  • DO NOT play with the jewelry and avoid biting on it (new teeth are expensive).

Good to know during the healing time

Healing time:

  • A healthy & balanced diet, & good health are good prerequisites for your piercing to grow as well as possible. Supplement with vitamin C and Zinc.

  • Avoidt touching or "play" with the jewelry, do not remove crusts or other coatings except when cleaning. The coatings act as protection against bacteria.

  • Avoid excessive cleaning, it can lead to longer healing time.

  • Avoid ointments as they prevent necessary air circulation.

  • Avoid all beauty and personal care products on or around the piercing including cosmetics, lotions, and sprays, etc. Don't use heavy jewelry, or hang charms or any other object from your jewelry until the piercing is fully healed.

  • Avoid Pressure on the piercing, it can cause it to grow out and / or to the side (example: pressure from tight clothing, and pressure on belly piercing when you sit forward bent, rather sit slightly backwards during the healing period).

  • Avoid dirty clothes, bed sheets and towels that touches the piercing. It should be clean and changed frequently.

  • Avoid unhygenic water such as bath tubs, hot tubs, pools, lakes, etc. the first 1-2 moth. Or, protect your piercing using a waterproof wound-sealant bandage. These are available at most drugstores.

  • Avoid loosing jewelry parts by tighten the jewelry parts/balls sometimes (especially with new jewelry).

Infection and irritation with your piercing. And issues with ear cartilage / cartilage piercing:

  • Infection and irritation with your piercing can occur if you don't take good care of it during the entire healing period. A piercing may seem healed before the healing process is complete. This is because tissue heals from the outside in, and although it feels fine, the interior remains fragile. Be patient, and keep cleaning throughout the entire healing period.
  • Ear- and nose-cartilage piercings are popular, we also see that many develop problems/outgrowths/pimple at the entrance on one or both sides of the piercing. Cause: there may be to much pressure, wrong size on jewelry, infection, irritation or overproduction of scar tissue (keloid). Cartilage piercings needs up to 6-12 months healing time, and are therefore sensitive to problems during this time. Remember to maintain cleanliness of your telephone, headphones, eyeglasses, helmets, hats, and anything that contacts the pierced area. And use caution when styling your hair and advise your stylist of a new or healing piercing.


  • Avoid touching, "playing", moving and remove crusts or other coatings from the piercing, except when cleaning (then wash your hands).

  • Avoid getting hair/body/face spray- or lotion-products, or other strong products on or around the piercing area (cover with some paper tissue when spraying your hair/body).

  • Avoid dirty clothes, hair, hat, telephone, eyeglasses, helmet, bed sheets, etc touches the piercing area. Everything should be clean, especially during the first 1-2 months.

  • Avoid pressure on the piercing.

  • Avoid pressure/tension from the jewelry. If you have jewelery that is under pressure because it is to small or to long/big, switch to better jewelery size.


  • Mild irritation: Should mild irritation / infection occur, a mild cleansing fluid or warm saline solution (see recipe below) is recommended 2-3 times daily for 1-2 weeks. When showering; wash the piercing area gently with mild perfume-free shower gel PH 5.5 value (Avoid soaps with dyes, fragrances or triclosan), rinse well afterwards. Change bedding, towels and clothing that touch the infection area frequently. Remember healing time varies.

  • Irritation / infection: If the above doesn't work, or in case of a more intense Irritation / infection, you can try Manuka honey ointment (Medical honey ointment, Pharmacy info: The wound ointment has an antiseptic, antibacterial and suppresses inflammatory reactions. Helps maintain a moist, wound-healing environment and can speed up the wound healing process). Apply well around and on both side of the piercing, 2-3 times a day. NB! If you have a honey allergy, do not use this ointment.

  • Strong irritation / infektion: Stronger ointments are used with caution and never more than 2 weeks at a time: Brulidine, Bacimycin or Fucidin disinfectant ointment (Pharmacy): Apply well around and on both side of the piercing, and make sure the ointment gets into the piercing hole from both sides. let it work for 12 hours, then clean the piercing and jewellry, and repeat daily until it gets better (maximum 2 weeks). NB! Excessive use of ointment clogs the wound that needs air to heal.

  • You are welcome to visit our studios for a check and help if you are not sure about what to do.
  • Remember: Never stop cleaning the piercing. We recommend cleaning 1-2 times per. week even after the piercing is completely healed.

Warm saline soaks / solution:

  • Warm saline soaks/solution is a great compliment to use during the healing time, and if you get any irritation or infection.

  • The heat and salt increases blood flow, opens the pores and helps to "pull out" fluid, mild irritation and prevent infection.


  • Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon sea salt without iodine (Pharmacy) in a small glass with 2.5 dl of boiled water. Cool it down a bit and fill up a small glass (egg glass/shot glass). Angle the glass over the piercing, and it will create a "waterproof vacuum", let it stay for 10-15 min. Do this 1-3 times a day if you have an infection. Sterile pressure can be used in difficult areas, but keep it warm. After soaking, rinse with water and wipe the area clean.

Piercing Healing Times

  • Each body is unique and healing time vary.

  • Below are approximate healing times for healthy piercings on most people.


  • Ear lobe: 2-3 months
  • Ear cartilage: 6-12 months
  • Ear cartilage-Industrial: 6-9 months


  • Nostril: 3-6 months (do not change the jewelry before minimum 3-6 months)
  • Septum: 2-3 months
  • Bridge: 3-6 months
  • Eyebrow: 2-4 months


  • Lip: 3-6 months
  • Tongue: 2-3 months
  • Smiley: 2-3 months
  • Cheek: 6-12 moths


  • Navel (belly button): 6-12 months
  • Nipple woman: 4-12 months
  • Nippel man: 4-6 months

     Genitalia (female):

  • klitoris: 2-3 months

  • Christina: 6-9 months

  • Inner Labia: 2-3 months
  • Outer Labia: 3-6 months

     Micro dermal:

  • Micro dermal: 3-6 months